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Steel Service Center
Steel Service Center
Steel Service Center
Steel Service Center

In 2012, S. Cohen launched a new steel service center, located in Re’em Park close to Highway 6, which enables ongoing, regular supply to all areas of Israel. The plant utilizes the world’s finest machinery to cut, process, and bend corrugated iron. The plant supplies its customers with a wide variety of corrugated iron: black steel, steel plates (ripple), decopired, pickled and galvanized corrugated steel that are sold in packs or rolls by length according to the customer’s demands. The plant processes corrugated iron with a cutting method called “slitting” and the “cut off” length cutting method. Corrugated iron with a thickness of 0.3mm to 12mm. The plant also has a packing line that enables product delivery in a sealed package.

Steel Service Center

About the Professional Iron Warehouse S. Cohen’s professional iron warehouse has been located in Re’em Park since 1996. The warehouse holds a large inventory including all types of professional iron for construction and industrial purposes. The warehouse supplies professional iron and solutions for the needs of all customers in industrial, commercial, and construction sectors, including a wide variety of standard products in addition to products made to fulfill special orders. The warehouse operates according to the international ISO 9001 standard and has longstanding reputation for supplying professional iron products throughout Israel. It is also known for its excellent service and direct sales prices.

Factory site
  • RHS profiles
  • T iron
  • Angle iron
  • Flat iron
  • Fence poles
  • Complete iron squares
  • Black steel
  • Steel floor plates (ripple)
  • Galvanized, decopired & pickled steel
  • Plates