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מInsulation Plant
Insulation Plant
Insulation Plant

In 2008, S. Cohen purchased an insulation plant in Kiryat Gat, which is the only one of its kind in Israel. The plant employs approximately 100 staff members from the surrounding area. The insulation plant has two production lines, one to manufacture stone wool from basalt that can withstand very high temperatures and a second line for glass wool produced from the Negev desert’s quartz-rich sand, which can withstand up to 250°C. Glasswool and stone wool provide solutions for all insulation needs, thermal and acoustic: In Construction: External wall insulation system (EWIS), internal wall insulation walls, insulation inside gypsum wall, roof insulation, air conditioning ducts and more.

מInsulation Plant

Industrial Insulation: Thermal insulation of Hot and cold Pipes, hot installations such as generator rooms' heaters and boilers, fire partitions, exhaust systems, acoustic insulation in silencers and more. Acoustic Insulation: Acoustic insulation of studios, rehearsal and music rooms, Theatre halls, acoustic partitions, acoustic walls, acoustic callings, and more. The plant’s insulation products are manufactured in Israel, which ensures excellent availability and rapid delivery to the local market and nearby countries, according to the customer’s needs and specifications. Customers therefore enjoy the direct sales prices rather than the inflated prices created by imported products. The plant’s insulation products comply with the strict standards of the Standards Institution of Israel and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Factory site
  • Unfaced boards
  • Aluminum foil faced boards
  • Non-flammable polyethylene-covered boards
  • Boards faced black glass fiber tissue
  • Loose stone wool
  • Pipe section (pipe insulation)
  • Unfaced boards or mattresses
  • Aluminum foil- faced boards or mattresses
  • Non-flammable polyethylene-covered boards
  • Boards or mattresses faced black glass fiber tissue
  • Boards for screen walls
  • Green glass wool for gypsum partitions