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Construction Iron Processing Plant
Construction Iron Processing Plant
Construction Iron Processing Plant
Construction Iron Processing Plant

In 2006, S. Cohen established its construction iron processing plant (cutting and bending), which also produces construction iron mesh and pillars available in standard sizes and to order. The plant also supplies construction iron in bundles. State-of-the-art and the most modern of its kind in Israel, the plant operates the world’s finest, most advanced technological equipment. Its convenient location in Re'em Park, near Highway 6, enables ongoing supply to all areas of the country. Today, the plant employs approximately 90 staff members from the surrounding area. It processes construction iron in standard sizes as well as operating modern equipment that allows for the production of non-standard sizes.

Construction Iron Processing Plant

According to demand, the plant manufactures the following products on special order: reinforcements, beams, construction elements, pillars, and more according to precise technical specifications. In this way, the plant is able to provide solutions to fulfill the special engineering needs of customers/contractors. The plant is certified by the Standards Institution of Israel and subscribes to the international ISO 9001 standard, including its quality control system. The plant includes a quality assurance laboratory that supervises every manufacturing process, from the ordering stage until the final delivery is made to the customer. The plant has an excellent, long-standing reputation for high standards of service, quality, and reliability, which are integral parts of the company identity.

Factory site
  • Cages for reinforcing concrete
  • Welded iron pillars
  • Galvanized mesh
  • Iron reinforcements
  • Iron spirals
  • Iron elements
  • Iron rings
  • Polygonal construction (6-8-10-12-14m)
  • Iron mesh, construction iron mesh
  • Iron beams
  • Smooth commercial iron
  • Mesh for safe rooms