S. Cohen Steel & Style Iron, Gypsum & Insulation Industries | Home Design

Jerusalem The S. Cohen brothers' vision to construct a huge complex in Jerusalem has started to become a reality. The first stage of the S. Cohen center began construction in 1992 on an area covering approximately 20,000m² in Jerusalem’s Talpiot Industrial Area. This initial stage of the project included office areas spanning 10,000m², as well as stores for rent. In 1997, an additional structure was constructed to hold the company's management offices, warehouses, iron sales department, and showroom, which covers approximately 2,000m². Upon completion, the center will include commercial areas totaling 38,000m² and will be one of the largest commercial projects in Jerusalem.

IndustryIn the next few years, S. Cohen plans to cement its position as a leader in Israel’s stainless steel and metal sectors, and as a company that strives for constant innovation and industrial creativity through developing new products for the construction sector. The company also aims to expand its product line in the fields of stainless steel and construction for the local market, and increase the scope of exports from its plants to new markets abroad.

Green Construction The S. Cohen insulation plant is the only one of its kind in Israel, through which the company has decided to support local Israel “blue and white” product development while simultaneously promoting awareness in the field of environmentally-friendly construction. S. Cohen supplies thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for various construction sectors.

Using S. Cohen products as part of the finishing process helps each customer to create a living environment that is both comfortable and healthy. The materials are environmentally-friendly (produced from natural basalt, quartz-rich sand, etc.) and using them to plan the external construction and internal divisions within the home (insulated plaster walls) conserves energy, which is significant in terms of household budgets.